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An unmarked, clean, and solid copy in VG+ condition. No defects to note. Great collection of treasure quests and adventures for use with the d20 system. Compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 3.5.Treasure Quests presents a tremendous variety of linked  adventures for d20 System play. All set in a fantasy universe, each  encounter has a complete map and game details, including extensive game  statistics, presented in an easy-to-use lay-flat format. Open the book  and it stays open right where you want it! Each thrilling adventure can  easily occupy an entire evening of role-playing action, but taken  together Treasure Quests becomes an entire campaign. The better part of a  character's adventuring life can be spent defeating the enemies and  gathering the treasures herein, and any who survive these depths of  danger will be hailed throughout the lands! Let the trumpets sound! Take  up your arms! If you are brave, then embark on these Treaure Quests!

Fast Forward d20 RPG Treasure Quests EX

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