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An unmarked, clean, and solid copy in VG condition. Staples are clear of any sign of rust.The final and most dangerous fantasy frontier lies not in space, but in  time! At last, the dimension of Time is open to those few wizards who  would risk everything - even their very existence - to visit ancient and  forgotten lands, or see the unbelievable wonders and horrors of the  future. These few wizards are Chronomancers, and this optional 96-page  AD&D game accessory reveals the secrets of their lives. New spells,  new powers, and new realms - as well as terrifying monsters - are  brought to light in this stunning work. Take time to study the mysteries  of chronomancy - before someone else takes that time from you.

Chronomancer 1995 TSR Advanced Dungeons and Dragons AD&D

$70.00 Regular Price
$63.00Sale Price
  • Very Good
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